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Your love and support means the world to us! Let's all 




The Omamori, commonly known as the Japanese lucky charm or lucky amulet, usually takes the form of a small bag closed on top by a rope.
The word mamori comes from the verb mamoru which means to protect. The "o-" is used as an honorific particle.

They are unique to a temple or shrine, thus you have thousands of different Omamori all across Japan!

They usually help to bring luck, wealth, protect against disaster or evil spirit, but can also serve different and more specific purposes such as Protection of pregnant women during the full term of pregnancy or Success for school children, students and researchers.


All our Omamori are blessed at Itokuji, a Buddhist temple located near the city of Sendai. Taishu, the priest in charge at Itokuji (read more about him and Itokuji >here<), carries the ceremony by reciting sacred writings, different for each blessing, to embed the Deity presence and power into the Omamori.




Because of their compact size, Omamori can be placed almost anywhere! There is no "rule" to where to install your Omamori. If you can, keep it close to you, close to your heart! People often put them in their wallet or tie them up to their mobile phone but feel free to have it wherever you feel comfortable with! Traffic Safety Omamori are often used in cars but they can also protect you on your bicycle or a stroller!



The Omamori not only carries a blessing, it also carries the presence of the deity who created this blessing and protection. Think of the Omamori as a person, a protector... a guardian angel! You don't need to do any special ritual or take any specific care. Respect it and treat it well, like it was a good friend! It is important not to open the bag otherwise the blessing disappears. After a year of protection, the Omamori is said to lose its power. Japanese sometimes replace the amulet and bring back the old one to the temple where it will be burnt. But most people keep them as a souvenir!


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