Japan is a fascinating country, thanks to countless breathtaking sceneries and rich spiritual life! We decided to create our Classic collection to celebrate some fascinating aspect of our culture! 

Our Omamori feature Japanese iconic characters, cultural symbols and are inspired from the most popular Lucky Charms you find at Japanese temples and shrines.
They will bring luck and happiness in various aspects of your life. Keep them with you wherever you go! Inside your wallet, dangling off your backpack or hanged inside your car!
Our Omamori are also a wonderful gift for a person you care about!

The Fuji-san offers the most beautiful views in Japan! Even though he is very shy and often hides in the clouds! Here, the torii (traditional Japanese gate) marks the transition from the mundane (dark part at the bottom of the mountain) to the sacred (the Fuji-san).

Blessing: General Luck (開運祈願 - Kaiun Kigan)


Product details

Material: cotton
Size: 68 x 40mm / 2.7 x 1.6in
Weight: 5g (0.18oz)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very great

Overall very great and amazing.

Very thoughtful gift idea

I loved this. It is such great quality and I bought several (in different designs) to give away as presents and they were all touched by how thoughtful it was. Very sentimental and very cute. It is so unique too.


Genuine company who really cares about their products and their customers. Every package is personal which makes these lucky charms more enjoyable and the quality of these omamori's are perfect. They have the best customer service hands down no other business with that level of effort, that alone makes every purchase worth it.

Very good

Very nice quality. Looks really great. And much love to the employees of The Omamori Shop!!! Even got a hand writed text and that was really heartwarming <3. Made my day :) The product was couple days late, but they informed me why was that. Keep up the good work!! For sure I'm going to buy some more stuff from here! <3

Superb Quality

I have thoroughly enjoyed ordering product from the Omamori shop. The employees are always very kind and the product is always top notch. I have enjoyed my Fuji charm and would definitely recommend purchasing for yourself or as a gift!