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Koi fishes are often seen in water pools or rivers near temples and shrines. They wear various colors which gives beautiful vivid tints to the moving waters. But have you ever heard about the legend behind these sacred fishes?

An ancient tale says that koi fishes were swimming upstream the Yellow River, gaining strength by fighting against the current. When they finally reached the waterfall at the end of the river, the most determined ones tried to get to the top of the waterfall. It seemed like an impossible task but one koi finally reached the top and turned into a dragon! (Now you understand better why Magikarp turn into Gyarados at level 20...)

This powerful representation of a dragon legend is associated with perseverance, determination and strength for the ones able to excel themselves. Like the koi, never give up!


Japan is a fascinating country, thanks to countless breathtaking sceneries and rich spiritual life! We decided to create our Classic collection to celebrate some fascinating aspect of our culture! 

Our Omamori feature Japanese iconic characters, cultural symbols and are inspired from the most popular Lucky Charms you find at Japanese temples and shrines.
They will bring luck and happiness in various aspects of your life. Keep them with you wherever you go! Inside your wallet, dangling off your backpack or hanged inside your car! 
Our Omamori are also a wonderful gift for a person you care about! 



Blessing: General Luck (開運祈願 - Kaiun Kigan)


Product details

Material: cotton
Size: 75 x 45mm / 3 x 1.8in
Weight: 7g (0.25oz)

Customer Reviews

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Claudia Chow

I puchased this for my boyfriend as a gift and he loves it. Amazing quality and fast shipping! Would buy again.

Miles Matsumoto
High Quality

High quality fabric (koi design). Highly recommend Omamori Shop. Lightning fast shipping from Japan to Hawaii (2 days). Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian).

Evan Schatz

It was great quality and they got here on time, couldn’t ask for more, thanks guys!

Laneice Malave
Great gift

I got this one for my boyfriend and he keeps it by his desk everyday. I also have a mt.fuji omamori and I carry it with me everywhere. I believe in the luck it gives and I feel it's made me feel safe everytime I have it with me. Great gift to let others know you're thinking of them and the meaning behind it is pure. Best purchase I've ever made :)


The product was really cool and nice quality, it fits perfect in my car with the theme I’m going with and the Koi Fish are amazing. Thank you so much :)