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The Sharingan Omamori is dedicated to the Uchiha'clan and know as one of the three great dojutsu. With 3 tomoe, our Sharingan Omamori represents the final form achieved by the users through emotional growth of extreme conditions. On the background you can see small uchiwa (paper fan), Uchiha's clan symbol!

Anime helped the diffusion of Japanese culture worldwide and for a lot of us, it was our very first contact with Japan in general. Remember? Waking up as a kid, with only one thing in mind: watching your favorite anime on television... Our Anime collection is a tribute to that fascinating aspect of the Japanese culture! Because we'll never stop to be kids in our heart!


Blessing: General Luck (開運祈願 - Kaiun Kigan)


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Material: cotton
Size: 75 x 45mm / 3 x 1.8in
Weight: 7g (0.25oz)

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Bryant Trinh
Loved it!

I bought two. One for myself and another for my brother. They shipped pretty quickly and arrived in perfect shape. They look beautiful and are really well made.