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The TOS Special Omamori is the one you don’t want to miss! The red circle (symbolizing the sun) and the white background are directly inspired by the Japanese flag. The torii (Shinto gate) inside symbolizes spirituality and the blue color from the letters is reminiscent of the sea and the ocean surrounding the archipelago. Have you noticed the Chrysanthemum flower on the background? Kiku, that’s its name in Japanese, is a very popular Japanese symbol and is used for the imperial seal.

The TOS Special also has a unique feature! It’s our only Omamori equipped with a suzu (bell)! Bells have a special meaning in Shintoism. It is said that ringing the bell allows you to get the attention for the Kami (deity) and also helps to repel evil and acquire positivity! For this reason you can often find them at the entrance of the honden (main building) where people pray or wish.


Blessing: General Luck (開運祈願 - Kaiun Kigan)


Product details

Material: cotton
Size: 68 x 40mm / 2.7 x 1.6in
Weight: 8g (0.28oz)


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Giuliana Muise
Beautiful Product

Arrived fast and was in perfect condition. It was a gift for someone and they loved it too!

Nue Lee
Great service!

It’s always awesome when I order these charms! I love the service and how interactive they are