Japan is a fascinating country, thanks to countless breathtaking sceneries and rich spiritual life! We decided to create our Classic collection to celebrate some fascinating aspect of our culture! 

Our Omamori feature Japanese iconic characters, cultural symbols and are inspired from the most popular Lucky Charms you find at Japanese temples and shrines.
They will bring luck and happiness in various aspects of your life. Keep them with you wherever you go! Inside your wallet, dangling off your backpack or hanged inside your car! 
Our Omamori are also a wonderful gift for a person you care about!

The circled kanji (Japanese characters) 安全 mean “Anzen”. This is the safety Omamori! People usually tied it to their bag or install it in their car as it protects them during their journey. Here, the yellow color refers to the gold we see on Buddhist temple which is esteemed because it last long!

Blessing: Traffic Safety (交通安全 - Koutsuu Anzen)


Product details

Material: cotton
NEW SIZE: 75 x 45mm / 2.9 x 1.8in
Weight: 4g (0.15oz)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Everardo Barragan

Love omamori. It goes great with the interior of my car

Loriann Balangue
It looks amazing

The omamori looks really good and surprisingly came quick. I’ll hopefully get another one.

Product looks great!

The omamori came quickly and even had a few extra gifts that came with it. Super happy with the quality.

Eryn Zamarripa
Amazing and beautiful!

I ordered 3 in total, one for myself and two for my boyfriend, he was so in love with it he hung it up right away and I also have mine in my car. We both have a passion for driving and a love for Japan. Shipping it over was super quick and seeing how gorgeous they are makes me want to buy all of them!

Bodhi Lornoy
Awesome Omamori and the team behind it rocks

Ordered 2 omamoris a while ago, delivery was faster then expected to Belgium and it opening it was a pleasure.
Never did I expect a hand written note with some other goodies like Japanese candy and an Omikuji to be added, once again thanks for the pleasant suprise.
Design is amazing and the quality is outstanding.