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The circled kanji (Japanese characters) 安全 mean “Anzen”. This is the safety Omamori! People usually tied it to their bag or install it in their car as it protects them during their journey. Here, the yellow color refers to the gold we see on Buddhist temple which is esteemed because it last long!

Japan is a fascinating country, thanks to countless breathtaking sceneries and rich spiritual life! We decided to create our Classic collection to celebrate some fascinating aspect of our culture! 

Our Omamori feature Japanese iconic characters, cultural symbols and are inspired from the most popular Lucky Charms you find at Japanese temples and shrines.
They will bring luck and happiness in various aspects of your life. Keep them with you wherever you go! Inside your wallet, dangling off your backpack or hanged inside your car! 
Our Omamori are also a wonderful gift for a person you care about!

Blessing: Traffic Safety (交通安全 - Koutsuu Anzen)


Product details

Material: cotton
NEW SIZE: 75 x 45mm / 2.9 x 1.8in
Weight: 4g (0.15oz)

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Have been wanting a permanent traffic safety omamori instead of the paper ones we get every new year from church. And forgot to purchase when I was in Japan last year. Happy to find these nicely made ones that are small enough to keep in dash box. Received my order super fast, with each omamori inside an envelope. I appreciated the very thoughtful handwritten note too! I will definitely shop here again!

Christian Mendez
The color is beautiful

Purchased it for my friend and can happily say that he enjoyed his charm👌🏽

Enchanted with no accident III

Jokes aside it’s a great, cute accessory that hangs out in my car. It’s made with great material and I can’t help but feel just a little more comfortable while driving. I’ll definitely get this for my friends


Perfect birthday present for my boyfriend since he gifted himself a motorcycle; handwritten note made the whole thing very personal!

Alex Ochoa
Traffic safety omamori

I’ve purchased the items as a gift for a friend, and they really loved it the colors had really popped out to them, and same thing for myself. This omamori is definitely high quality, just like the last omamoris I’ve purchased a couple years ago.